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The Compass Center began in 1975 as a grassroots effort to work with victims of rape.  Incorporated in 1976 as Citizens Against Rape, the organization grew and added domestic violence, batterer prevention, and play therapy to its list of services.  The organization changed its name to The Compass Center in 2008. Today The Compass Center offers counseling and advocacy services to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, a batterer intervention program, and community education and prevention.

In an average year, the various programs and services offered by The Compass Center assist over 1,000 individuals in the Sioux Falls metro area. The Compass Center is continually reviewing its programs and services to fit the needs of our ever-changing community.



If you are in danger, please use a safer computer or call 911. 
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Value Statements

The Compass Center is a Sioux Empire United Way funded agency.

About Us

Strategic Goals

Build Capacity and service quality in all current programs.
Expand education and prevention resources with a commitment to evidence-based best practices.
Expand its partnership with donors, funders, and affiliated partners to assure mission fulfillment.

Every person has the right to live life free of violence.
Breaking the cycle of violence and sexual assault through Counseling, Advocacy, Education, Awareness and Outreach .